CityPointe is a great program offered to residential customers who move with Horizon Moving Systems or any other United Van Lines agent throughout the country. The CityPointe program includes cash back based on the sale and/or purchase of homes using CityPointe’s preferred network of real estate companies. This program also includes cash back on full valuation at the $250 deductible for any residential interstate moves.

CityPointe offers the following incentives:

Real Estate Referrals: Buying and selling your home is usually the most costly and difficult part of moving. Therefore, with CityPointe, we refer you to one of our preferred professional real estate agents to assist you in selling your current home and/or buying a new home.

Cash Reimbursements: Through the Cash Back option, you can earn approximately $5 for every $1,000 of the home’s value either sold and/or purchased. In order to receive this benefit, you must use CityPointe’s preferred real estate company and move with a United agent such as Horizon Moving Systems.

With CityPointe’s Cash Back Plus option, CityPointe will reimburse you at the $250 deductible with Full Valuation Protection at the same time you receive your cash back on the real estate transaction (residential interstate moves and one-time national account moves only).

Destination Information: At, you can find information such as your destination city’s demographics, climate, crime, education, health, and housing to help you settle into your new home. Information like this can be very comforting to have when moving your family to an unfamiliar place.

If you want to learn more about your new destination, receive referrals to real estate agents, and earn cash back on the sale or purchase of your home, CityPointe is for you! By booking your next residential move through Horizon Moving Systems, you can receive all of the benefits of CityPointe. Horizon Moving Systems is a leader in the moving and relocation industry and we would love to help you earn cash back through the CityPointe program! Give us a call today at 1-800-528-5302!