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Tips for De-Cluttering Your Home Before Your Move

De-cluttering your home before a move can prove to be a very beneficial step in streamlining the moving process. De-cluttering can help you to reduce your moving expenses and significantly lessen the time it takes to pack and unpack your belongings. These incentives alone should motivate you to de-clutter your home before you relocate, but here are some helpful moving tips to give you a push in the right direction:

  • Get rid of newspapers that are more than a week old. Old newspapers can build up unnecessary clutter very quickly. If there is a specific article that you cherish in the newspaper, cut it out and laminate it or frame it to put on the wall in your new home.
  • Scan paper documents. Having paper copies of old documents can get redundant, especially in today’s world of electronic information. If you have important documents and records that can be scanned into a computer, this can help eliminate the excess paper documents you have. If you’re worried about losing your documents if your computer crashes, you can back up your files online using a cloud-based backup system like Mozy, Dropbox, Jungle Disk, or Carbonite.
  • Have a garage sale. Instead of just throwing your possessions away, have a garage sale or give your more valuable belongings to friends or family members. This way, you’ll know that your belongings are going to good homes and to people who have use for them.
  • Keep your goal in mind. De-cluttering for the purpose of moving is quite different than de-cluttering for the purpose of simplifying your life. With each item, ask yourself – “Do I love this item?”, “How often do I use this item?”, and “Do I want to spend time and money moving and/or storing this item?”

Whether you’re moving across the state of Arizona or moving internationally, lightening your load ahead of time just makes sense! By de-cluttering your house, you can start fresh as you find the perfect place for each item in your new home. For more helpful moving tips, visit our Packing Tips page on our website.

Give our Phoenix moving company a call and we will take the stress out of moving, while taking great care of you and your belongings. Our Move Coordinators can even help you with planning your move, organization of your belongings, and on-going support during your relocation. Call 888-759-4244 to get started with a free moving quote today!

National Senior Move Managers Week

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) has declared the week of May 13-19 National Senior Move Managers Week. With a theme of “It’s so much more than moving…”, the 6th annual celebration will promote the value of Senior Move Management and the commitment Senior Move Managers have to assisting the elderly and their families through the emotional and physical aspects of downsizing a lifetime of memories during their relocation process.Recognizing and managing the stress of moving older adults is the trademark of the NASMM. “When older adults have not moved in 30, 40, or 50 years, they need to downsize. It’s so much more than moving when you are helping older adults transition to a new home. The organizational and physical tasks, coupled with the safety and ethical issues in executing such a move, can be overwhelming,” said Mary Kay Buyssee, NASMM’s Executive Director.

Adults ages 85 and above are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. and Canadian populations. Therefore, since 2002, the NASMM has dedicated themselves to assisting older adults and families with the physical and emotional demands of downsizing, relocating, or modifying their homes.

Horizon Moving Systems is extremely proud to be an active member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. Here are just some of the many services we offer to our older clients and their families:

  • Developing a customized move plan unique to your specific needs.
  • Organizing, sorting, and labeling your possessions.
  • Arranging for the disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sale, consignment, donation, etc.
  • Arranging shipments and tracking packages.
  • Unpacking and setting up your new home.

Horizon’s Senior Move Managers will also assist individuals who choose to stay in their own homes, but require expert organizational skills and knowledge of “aging in place” concepts to help them improve their quality of life.

By managing every aspect of the move, Horizon Moving Systems is capable of providing comprehensive senior moving solutions. To learn more about our Senior Move Management program, call our team of moving specialists today at 888-759-4244.

Relocation Stress Syndrome and Its Effects on Senior Moving

The word “moving” conveys a sense of change, whether you are using this word to describe a physical relocation, an action, or even an emotional response. However, for someone thinking about relocation, the term “moving” may trigger apprehension and anxiety, as relocation can be a very big adjustment in a person’s life.

The process of moving into a new home can generate intense psychological reactions in people – particularly in older adults. Prolonged or intensive stress while moving can even lead to Relocation Stress Syndrome, also referred to as Transition Trauma. Because seniors can take longer than younger people to adjust to change, they are more prone to this condition. The symptoms of Relocation Stress Syndrome include:

  • muscle tension
  • anger or apprehension
  • loneliness and depression
  • unexplained skin irritations and rashes
  • painful headaches/migraines
  • intense emotional anxiety
  • trouble sleeping or eating
  • feelings of insecurity and lack of trust
  • excessive need for reassurance

    Professionals believe that Relocation Stress Syndrome is experienced until the person regains their sense of control. When experiencing relocation stress, the re-acclimation process depends on a number of variables, such as age and stage of life, personality, amount of preparation, and the type and amount of support received before, during, and after the move.

    Due to the often sensitive and emotional nature of moving an older client, Horizon strives to deliver senior moving services with compassion and integrity. At Horizon Moving Systems, we guarantee that your move will be a smooth transition because we will manage every step of the process. You can trust the moving and relocation experts at Horizon to exceed your expectations of a senior moving company by going the extra mile to ensure that both your physical and emotional needs are taken care of during your relocation. Call 1-800-528-5302 today to receive a free moving estimate!

    Things to Consider When Downsizing

    More and more people are looking to downsize these days. Whether you are tired of taking care of such a large house or your kids have moved out and you don’t need as many bedrooms, downsizing can be a great option for people who want to live in a smaller home. Also, the rough economy makes downsizing all the more attractive. Whatever the reason for moving into a smaller home, here are some things to consider when downsizing:

    First – Get the entire family together. We all know that a lot of stuff can accumulate over the years. From family heirlooms to silly impulse buys, you may have more stuff in your house than can fit in your new home. This is why it is good to get everyone together and talk about who wants what in your house, what to donate, and what to take to your new home.

    Then – Hire a professional mover. A professional moving company can help ease the transition into your new home by assisting you with the packing and organization of your possessions, managing your move, and ensuring that your things get to your new home safely and on time.

    Following these tips can help you to successfully downsize into your new home. Your family can help you decide which items you’d like to move to your new home and a professional moving company, like Horizon Moving Systems, can provide the resources necessary to securely pack and transport your belongings to your new home. Give the moving and relocation experts at Horizon a call today at 1-800-528-5302 to get your free moving estimate.

    Downsizing to a Smaller Home

    Is your empty nest starting to feel a little big for just you and your spouse since the kids have grown up and moved out? Maybe it is time to consider downsizing to a smaller home. Some benefits to a smaller home include:

    1. Cheaper utilities with a smaller house
    2. Lower mortgage/rent payments come with the territory of a smaller home
    3. Less hassle with upkeep – less space means less work – yard work, in/outdoor cleaning, etc

    An issue many people may have with downsizing is having a place to put all of your belongings, however, this problem could really be a  blessing in disguise. Downsizing presents you with the opportunity to sort through your things and either give them away or sell them.

    Garage sales are a great way to cut down on some older belongings before a move. If you are worried about turnout, ask your neighbors if they would like to partake in the sale as well! This way the word of mouth can travel further and more people are likely to attend.

    If you aren’t quite ready to get rid of your old belongings, Horizon Moving Systems has storage systems you can utilize to hold them for long periods of time. Learn more details here.

    When ready to make the big move, give Horizon Moving Systems a call at 888-759-4244. We would love to assist you in the moving process.